Myths About Being Privileged

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Busting Some Myths About “Being Privileged”

Do you think being an heir to a reputed family is exciting?

Do you think living with the tag of ‘born with a silver spoon’ is trouble-free?

Do the perks of being privileged to incite you?

You may have the privilege of religion, gender, sexual orientation, or wealth But what if I say privilege does not guarantee you a contented life?

The truth is

With privilege comes overwhelming responsibility.

Privilege cannot get you peace of mind, satisfaction, pleasure and well-being.

Everyone talks about the merits of being privileged, but let me show you the dark side

  1. No one bothers who you are because all people see is the privilege attached
  2. Your efforts and achievements, no matter what price you’ve paid to reach the heights, are always belittled by privilege
  3. People either try to take advantage, or you end up being reserve because of hostility, there is no in-between
  4. Your vulnerabilities do not matter because you are shielded by privilege
  5. You can never be distressed because you have everything that others wish to have
  6. You have people around but still not sure if someone will ever be able to understand you
  7. It is ok to take away anything from you because you are assumed to have a lot
  8. It is ok to break you because you have so much to cover up the loss

You must be wondering how it even matters. When you have everything that you want in life, why let these irrational thoughts curb the mind. Am I right?

But will you believe me if I say I don’t enjoy these privileges?
Will you believe me when I say these privileges can be suffocating?

Sometimes being privileged is NOT all you need.
Because privileges can make you weak and hold you back from attaining your highest self, if not dealt with cautiously.

Believe me, a privileged life is not always an easy life.

-A privileged girl

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